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Notes from a Students’ Exhibition that Didn’t Happen (Gaza: A Visual Metaphor)

Posted in Students and Art by tsabri on January 15, 2010

Sometime in September 2009, an academic-friend asked me to write some notes for his students’ exhibition which he titled as ‘Gaza: A Visual Metaphor”. The exhibition was scheduled to be held at the eGallery, Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM), Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, the exhibition didn’t take place.

After seeing the works (the studio exercises), I noted as follows;

  • Exhibition. The exhibition displayed FCM Alpha students (semester 39) works based on Gaza as the major theme or topic of reference.. The works, both 2-dimensional (drawings & paintings) and 3-dimensional (assemblages & sculptures), were results from a creative as well as a critical process of identifying problems, justifying images, developing designs and appropriating the expressions to the given theme, Gaza.
  • Gaza. Gaza City; Palestine; Gaza Strip; Palestinian National Authority; Philistines; Egyptians; Romans; Byzantines; Crusaders; Mongol raids; Ottoman Empire; World War 1; British Mandate of Palestine; 1948 Arab – Israeli War; Six Day War; PLO; Hamas; Fatah; Jewish; Christianity; Islam; Zionism.
  • Where is Gaza? Gaza is millions of kilometers from here. So far away… like it’s at the edge of the world! Imagine! The world is flat and Gaza is situated at its very edge! You will have your fall of life if you miss Gaza. Next is hell, so they said!
  • Where is Gaza? Gaza is also just a few kilobytes away. So near… like it’s at the tip of your middle finger! Imagine! The world is cylindrical and Gaza is situated at its bottommost  / uppermost part! You may be floating, as the magnetic pull is the least there!
  • Between the Real and the Virtual. Blood has spilled hatreds. Tears have drowned the fragile hopes. Fear has been misspelled several times… Have you seen blood? My friend. Blood oozing out from the severely cut stomachs, from the cracked heads… and bodies, how does blood smells, my friend? Is blood red, my friend? Have you heard the bombs? Have you heard their laughter?
  • Do you think you know where Gaza is?
  • Is Gaza a metaphor? A visual metaphor?

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