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What I Am Doing Now (Che Mat & Pak Rauf)

Posted in Wayang U-Wei by tsabri on February 4, 2010

Che Mat and Pak Rauf are two friends that assisted me in making the works for Wayang U-Wei. I knew them for several years now and they live not far from my house. Che Mat came from Batu Rakit, Kuala Terengganu. A hardworking man and full of enthusiasm in whatever he is doing. His real name is Mat Ramli and is also known as Awi. Che Mat is a nickname that I gave in remembrance of my kampong friend of the same character.

Che Mat left for Kuala Lumpur after his secondary studies and landed working in an electronic factory somewhere in Petaling Jaya. After tired of working in shifts he opened up a burger stall in Puchong, but business was not that encouraging for him. Che Mat then tried his hands as a barber in a barbershop in Gombak (at UIA).

About six months or so ago, Zainal, an artist-friend, got Che Mat to help him at his studio and gallery (, the Art Room, in Puncak Jalil. I actually knew Che Mat from Zainal who came to know each other since mid2000s when he was selling burgers. He frequented Zainal’s studio, which at the time was in Puchong, and started to develop an interest in art. Che Mat came to stay at the Art Room, assisting Zainal and at the same time learning himself to art, especially with drawings.

Che Mat Working On the Structures for ‘Serunai Mentakab’

Pak Rauf is a nickname for Azly Abu Bakar who came from Sabak Bernam, Selangor. I came to know Pak Rauf through a friend who used to work with him in a hotel in Subang Jaya. According to the friend, Rauf was the name he has known since their childhood, which probably came from Pak Rauf’s grandfather who was called as Tok Rauf. To some family members, he is known as Kang Rauf. Pak Rauf or Kang Rauf is a family man and has experienced many kinds of jobs before ending up as an agent for a property company selling houses and offices. Pak Rauf, who stays about three kilometers from my house, often come dropping-by my workshop during his free times and always offer his hands with my works, especially the wireworks. Most of my wireworks like the ‘Fish Head’ and the hanging wireworks in ‘Archive 2’ were partly done by him.

Pak Rauf Working on the Structures for 'Serunai Mentakab'

I asked for Che Mat (with Zainal’s consent, of course) and Pak Rauf assistance in preparing the works for ‘Wayang U-Wei’ considering the time constrains that I have to encounter as a late participant. Both Che Mat and Pak Rauf came helping – assisting me to prepare the works, which I, at present, call them ‘Chosen Objects & Objects Found’.

Many thanks to Che Mat and Pak Rauf.


Late last January we went for a trip, going through Kuala Pilah – Segamat – Bandar Muadzam Shah to Pekan. Below are two charcoal drawings / sketches done by Che Mat during the trip.

A Drawing of Pak Rauf by Che Mat.

Tasik Chini, a Drawing by Che Mat


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