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What I Did Before (Inside 4: Reformation or the Assembling of a Long Lost Labyrinth)

Posted in Inside Series by tsabri on February 20, 2010

In 1998, I was invited to participate in an exhibition entitled ‘Volume & Form’ in Singapore. I was given a space to build an installation at a place called Substation, on Armenian Street in the city. I wrote a proposal for the installation and made some necessary arrangements before went over building it.

Below is a part from the proposal:


Inside 4: A PROPOSAL

  1. The title of the installation is Inside 4: Reformation or the Assembling of a Long Lost Labyrinth.
  2. Inside 4 is the installation’s sequential position in the Inside Series.
  3. Reformation is the shifts and changes made to remove imperfections.
  4. Assembling is the act of putting things or matters together perhaps into a collection or category.
  5. Long Lost is a thing or matter of a long time lost and perhaps is already forgotten. Upon discovery, the long lost may be recognized as somehow related or known to us, perhaps.
  6. Labyrinth is a network of winding paths or ways through which it difficult to finds one’s way without help.
  7. The installation is proposed for the Singapore’s 1999 Volume and Form.
  8. It will be a mixed material installation using a broad range of materials quite similar to the previous pieces.
  9. It is proposed to be an interior piece. It will also be an on-site installation. Size and placements are to be considered after discussions with the exhibition’s curator, at least three weeks before on-site works begin. Estimated construction hours are about 3 days with 1 assistant.

Inside 4, Installation View 1

Inside 4, Installation View 2


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