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Cracked Earth

Posted in Students and Art by tsabri on February 23, 2010

In November 2007, I wrote an exhibition’s note to accompany an exhibition of FCM students’ works. They were from the Design Fundamental class’s project that is taught at the Alpha or Foundation Level.

Cracked Earth

Acid RainChlorofluorocarbonGlobal DimmingGlobal WarmingHazeHypoxiaMarine PollutionOcean AcidificationOil SpillShip PollutionSurface RunoffThermal PollutionWastewaterWaterborne DiseasesWater StagnationBioremediationHerbicidePesticideActinides in the EnvironmentEnvironmental RadioactivityFission ProductNuclear FalloutPlutonium in the EnvironmentRadiation PoisoningRadium in the EnvironmentUranium in the EnvironmentInvasive SpeciesLight PollutionNoise PollutionRadio Spectrum PollutionVisual Pollution

…the list goes on and on, with additional new things every other time.  How restless life is!

This exhibition is yet another statement of getting us together to see and know the world we are living today.  The issues presented were nothing new – we have heard all about the polluted world countless times before.  We debated them in the primary and secondary schools.  We were asked to write essays.  We found them in songs, in books… We heard them on the radio.  And yesterday, 11th November 2007, an oil tanker split into two, after being lashed by a violent storm in the Black Sea, spilling at least 2,000 tons of fuel oil. …and three cargo ships sank with 6,800 tons of sulphur.

This exhibition showcases a potpourri of art forms_ mind-maps, drawings, paintings, sculptures and objects, by the Alpha students of the Faculty of Creative Multimedia.  Though labeled as students’ works, they, the exhibits are displaying great promises and potentials to become ‘great works of art’.  Line, the design element central to the students’ studies for the project, is resourcefully executed in the exhibits – pulling together all the other elements like shape, texture and color into pleasing design compositions.  These fledgling artists are the people to watch in the coming years.



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