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The Fish Head at Sekolah Stella Maris, Kuala Lumpur

Posted in Collaborative Works by tsabri on February 23, 2010

Finally, it’s the fish head.

When first approached by Bin (from the RAP) about the CAIS project sometime in April or May 2008, we were working on images derived from a selection of traditional Malay ‘perumpamaan’ found in folklores, the hikayats, pantuns and such. They were, of course, laden with meanings, values and ideas that represent an exciting culture that of living with nature and making representations understood from rich historical heritages and beliefs.

The CAIS project (

diverted our attention to the signs and symbols related to Christianity.

Stella Maris. The name carries other name like Star of the Sea. It refers to Virgin Mary, made Guardian, by people of the sea – the fishermen, the seafarers, the merchants and the pirates, as well.

The sea now, the sea. First we were thinking about making a canvas boat, hanging in the Stella Maris School’s atrium. A canvas boat. A red canvas boat. A red canvas boat could be interesting to complement the dark green hues along the corridors of the Stella Maris’s interior.

Sketch: Boat - Top View

Then, it was not a canvas boat. It could have been a wire boat. A boat constructed from wires, hanging in the Stella Maris’s atrium.

Working Image: Reference

Manipulated Image: In the Sea 1

Working Sketch/Plan: The Schoolmaster

Then, a fish. A big fish, the Schoolmaster, a kind of snappers.

And, finally it’s the fish head. A wired fish head.


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