Off Walls Off Pedestals

An Appendix to Rediscovering Our Own Malaysia 1

Posted in With Friends by tsabri on March 1, 2010

The January journey made us realized that there are many things  to discover (or rediscover) on our own lands. These discoveries (or rediscoveries) are simply important for us, artists, to further ideate interesting images as well as thoughts into works of art.

Tanah Terbiar 1

Tanah Terbiar 2

On the Road

Beside the Road

Near a Monument 1

Near a Monument 2

Near a Monument 3

Near a Monument 4

Near a Monument 4


Into the Morning

Red Flowers

Deserted Ostrich Farm

Plants for Sale

The Wall

Notices in Tasik Chini

New Chalet

The Notice Board

Water Meters


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