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What I Did Before (An Appendix to Inside 2: Educational Implications)

Posted in Inside Series by tsabri on March 3, 2010

In 1999, I built an installation which I titled as ‘An Appendix to Inside 2: Educational Implications’ at the then Galeri Seni KSSR, ITM, Shah Alam. The installation was exhibited in group exhibition called ‘The Eye, The Mind, The Heart’. The exhibition was actually our graduate exhibition, a part of a practical research project.

Following are my artist’s statement and guides on my exhibit, the installation.


N.B. The work presented is an extension or a continuation (it is not a reconstruction) of a previous installation,’ Inside 2: Assorted Experiences (Exposition on the Deconstruction of a Labyrinth)’, done in August 1998 for the Commonwealth of Art Exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Malaysia, 28th August through 30th October, 1998.

An Appendix to Inside 2: Educational Implications discusses the educational implications resulted from the exhibition of Inside 2. In Inside 2, the artist discussed a selection of his experiences which includes the educational experiences. The educational experiences mentioned referred to events of the artist’s early schooldays, his secondary and tertiary education. Used school exercise-books, for example, were assembled to represent the artist’s nostalgia towards homework, written exercises and of course the doodles and scribbles done during long bored school hours.

The artist also found that Inside 2’s audience, particularly art students and young artists, were interested with the explanatory charts and diagrams on art theories which were included in the installation. They discussed these with the artist and were allowed to copy them. The artist also held talks, mostly discussing topics about art, in the installation.

The presented work focuses on how to convey information, specifically on art and design education, in a more effective way. Topics on art theories, for example, are presented in forms of charts, diagrams and mind-maps for easy understanding. the work, of course, will invite criticisms on the nature of it’s contents or the educational topics discussed and it’s appearances as a whole, but that’s what it is – art and education will be much more meaningful with active discussions and constructive criticisms.

As an artist, he produces sculptures, drawings and installation works. He has exhibited his works in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Germany and England. A few of his sculptures are in the National Art Gallery’s permanent collection. He also writes essays for exhibitions and often invited to curate art exhibitions. A seminar paper of his was published in a compilation of papers on art and culture in 1998.


  1. The title of this installation is AN APPENDIX TO INSIDE 2: EDUCATIONAL IMPLICATIONS
  2. An APPENDIX is an addition, to clarify or strengthen something earlier discussed.
  3. INSIDE 2 is an earlier installation work done by the artist.
  4. EDUCATIONAL IMPLICATIONS are the educational elements associated with INSIDE 2.
  5. This installation is a discussion about educational experiences experienced and implicated during the exhibition of INSIDE 2 at the Common Wealth of Art Exhibition at the National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, on August 25th – October 30th, 1998. It is hoped that audience will be able to relate these experiences with his or her own; widening personal experiences into collective experiences.
  6. Thank you.

April 1999

Installation View 1

Installation View 2


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