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Words & Sentences, and Sketches in My 1988 Notebook: Pekan Seni Ipoh III

Posted in Other Works by tsabri on April 3, 2010

In September 1998, Mastura and myself participated the third Pekan Seni Ipoh. I was appointed as a curator for the sculpture section of the major art exhibition. As a festival for the arts, Pekan Seni Ipoh presented many activities such as art exhibitions, stage-shows, crafts sales and seminars. Artists and cultural workers from Malaysia and abroad were invited to participate in the week long festival. ‘Tradisi, Kemodenan dan Jatidiri’ (Tradition, Modernity and Identity) was chosen to be the theme for the 1998 Pekan Seni Ipoh.

Below published the words & sentences, as well as sketches I scribbled during the festival’s seminar.

Words & Sentences in My 1998 Notebook: Pekan Seni Ipoh III


A traditionalist screams

at the cultural imperialists

that dance the people in a monotonous rhythm.

A modernist adjusts his colorful tie.

A postmodernist yawns his emotions away.

An idiot, he smiles.


… collisions between tradition and modernity.

… collisions between teachers and students.

… collisions between the old and the young.

… collisions between the realism and the abstract.


The green professor, he swallowed them all; the commas, colons and semi-colons.

Somebody then asked, ’Dear Sir, there’s no capital letters left for the bibliography!’

Without words, the green professor locked his abstract back into his folio.

A friend yawned_ the final alphabet flew away.

Sketches in My 1998 Notebook: Art & Cultural Seminar at Pekan Seni Ipoh III

Presenter 1

Presenter 2

Presenter 3

Presenter 4

Presenter 5

Chairperson 1

Presenter 6

Chairperson 2

Presenter 7

Presenter 8

Chairperson 3

Presenter 9

Presenter 10


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