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Happy Birthdays

Posted in Uncategorized by tsabri on April 5, 2010

End March & Early April are celebration times in the family – birthdays. This year, 2010, its my 49th birthday, 47th for Mastura, 21st for Iskhandar and 17th for Intan. Mastura painted a painting, as illustrated on the left, for Iskhandar’s 11th birthday in 1999, in Taman Sri Andalas, Klang, Selangor. The painting now decorates one of our walls. It is one of the Mastura’s that we keep for our private collection.

Title: Gubahan Kecil Hijau untuk Iskhandar / Small Green Composition for Iskhandar

Dimension: 57 cm x 57 cm

Materials: Mixed Media on Canvas

We also wish our friends happy birthdays for those celebrating during these times of the year; especially to Shook, Hanafiah and Kasran – May God Bless You All


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