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That Morning My Elephant Came Back without Tusks and Blind, He Was!

Posted in Uncategorized by tsabri on May 17, 2010

I grew up in my father’s studio-workshop. There were many things inside – his tools, machineries, bits and pieces of various exotic tropical woods, bits and pieces of elephants’ tusks, bits and pieces of buffaloes’ horns, and bits and pieces… bits and pieces…

A mid1990s Drawing on Father Sleeping

On a journey through the northern Banjaran Titiwangsa last February, I had a chance to visit the studio-workshop: I was alone. My youngest brother, who stays at the place, was not around. The studio-workshop was no more like what it used to be; the floods took many things away, so as a number of Father’s anak murid, also took many things away – his tools, his unfinished keris hilts and blades, so told my youngest brother. It was now almost empty and became a store of sorts.

I took the stairs to the first floor. The used to be ‘studio-workshop’ is a two storey wooden building, now somewhat looks old and sad, built adjacent to the main-house. The upstairs was for storing the many things: bits and pieces… bits and pieces. I found something that instantly brought me back to my younger days: my toy! My elephant’s head toy made by Father, from bits and pieces of a buffalo’s horn! It measured some 12 cm. I remembered the elephant had a pair of tusks made from real bits and pieces of tusks_ now gone. I remembered the elephant had a pair of eyes made with bits and pieces of tusks inlaid with bits and pieces of horns_ now gone.

Dumbo the Jumbo, or perhaps Jumbo the Dumbo, came to me without his magnificent tusks and blind, he was too.

The Blind & Tusk-less

The Blind Jumbo

Jumbo's Head 1

Jumbo's Head 2

Dumbo the Jumbo

Jumbo the Dumbo


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