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I Made a Drawing (2010)

Posted in Other Works by tsabri on February 14, 2011

Event, Date & Venue: AM Drawing Workshop, August 6th 2010, FCM Gallery, MMU, Cyberjaya.

WORKSHOP is a place where we go when we want to make, repair or to make do with anything that we choose.

I came as an artist and a teacher wanting to do something with DRAWING.

‘So today, I want to make do with DRAWING.’

DRAWING is about looking at objects or subjects in a space that we choose to see.

I choose my camera’s viewfinder to help me looking.

DRAWING is also about making marks on a surface, using whatever drawing media we choose.

I choose my computer’s screen.

I choose my computer’s screen as my drawing surface, using iPhoto and Microsoft Word as my drawing media.

When I seek compositions using the camera’s viewfinder; I remembered using a cardboard viewfinder in the 1980s ITM Drawing Studio.

When I turned on the iPhoto and Microsoft Word on the computer; I remembered the drawing surfaces of papers and canvas and more.

When I chose photographs and manipulated them in the computer; I remembered the choices that I’d to make in front of my drawing surfaces, objects and subjects.

When I walked anywhere in the drawing studio, I was entering into a variety of spaces: deep space, shallow space, flat space or ambiguous space – and I even ventured into the virtual space when I started connecting to finish my workshop day.

The traditional and new drawing media (and medium) met and mixed in this workshop.

I am an artist and teacher in the 21st century.

I made a drawing. Didn’t I?

7th August 2010

Drawing the Light Above | 2010

Drawing the Frontal Light | 2010

Drawing the Projected Light | 2010

Drawing Mastura in the Projected Light | 2010

Drawing Marks on the Blue Projected Lights | 2010

Drawing Shadows on a Drawing Paper with the Red Projected Lights | 2010


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