Off Walls Off Pedestals

Instalasi | Installations

Lessons Continued: Hearing the Words, Seeing the Signs and Making the Choice Again and Again (or Some Lessons under the Tree) | 2004 | BSLN, K. Lumpur

Installation-art became major in mid 1990s. I was attracted for its many conceptual considerations that one have to take in making them. I was then reading Conceptual Art, followed by influences from Joseph Beuys and the Fluxus Group. I always try to engage audiences’ participations in my installations by offering them constructed experiences using common found objects for them to interact.

Inside Installations was a series of site-specific installations done either individually or collaboratively, from mid 1990s through mid 2000s.

Mind Installations are  installations that involves ‘things and matters that happen in the minds’ and are presented in a conceptual manner, as well as virtual space. In the 1990s I worked on a project of this kind, called Tanpa Tajuk; consisted of concrete-poetry, found objects and self-published magazines, and ended up with a publication of a book. Currently I am working on another ‘mind installation’ called Kutubkhanah Kancil Moden.



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